Work Out for HDI Global Specialty SE




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Break out and meeting space for HDI Global Specialty SE

Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Biophillic design elements & sustainable materials


Titia Hahne

New spaces for new needs

HDI Global Specialty SE occupies a recently renovated office in Rotterdam. Post-covid, working styles and behaviours have changed fundamentally, with employees expressing the need for more flexibility and social spaces to connect and work in. Adjacent to the existing office a walking bridge connecting two buildings freed up and provided an excellent opportunity to address this need. Powerplant collaborated with HDI Global Specialty SE to create a space which is open in its functionality to complement its existing office functional program.

a flexible space with a social staircase
biophillic design elements like a green tapestry

Break out is a work out

Meetings, workshops, ping-pong tournaments, yoga, teambuilding, town-halls, one on ones, hackatons or maybe even a gym. Work Out is a hyper flexible do it all break out space. With its current office having very clear functionalities we decided to make a space which has room for more open ended activities, like projects, workshops, creativity, sports or events.

A gym for working

Work Out references a gym and its endless options to program different sports activities in it. Work out’s activity lines on the floor correspond with curtains on the ceiling, allowing a rich variety of work activities. The flexibility goes further than room dividing curtains, plants move, furniture folds away and reconfigurable whiteboards allow users to create an endless configuration of spaces.

Instead of formal furniture Work Out uses gym equipment and playful elements to host its users and their activities. 

references to gym floors to signal different use cases
curtains reveal or create spaces

A growing need for project spaces

Open spaces which allow for user autonomy and engagement events will increasingly become a crucial component of office programs. Offices creating spaces like Work Out are bound become places that attract employees  back into the office and connect to their coworkers and the company.

Powerplant and HDI have committed with Work Out to facilitate this need and experiment with its many uses. Are you curious to find out more? Get in touch!

custom identity also created by powerplant