Food concepts

Go beyond the plate, invent and create the whole experience

Powerplant is an F&B consultancy and design studio combined. Analytical and creative with a strong sense of trends. Your total concept is designed by one integrated team: from business models, brand, interior and menu design. Everything is created in collaboration with you.


Horeca entrepeneurs

For horeca entrepeneurs, we create total food concepts from the foundation of the food offer, positioning, branding, business strategy, interior design and complete guest journeys. Our comprehensive process allows us to tweak every part of the concept, whether it reduces staff with an intelligent ordering system or adjust the menu to drive customer engagement. The result? A focused concept, ready to service your guests.


For architects, we join in your brainstorms to infuse your project with hospitality. Enrich your projects by having us efficiently engineer the best and most healthy hospitality in the market.


We are a multi-disciplinary team, iteratively developing towards the healthiest solutions, The healthiest choice, Proven Track record, holistic aproach, sustainability focused, WELL certified, Putting guests, visitors and users at the hearth of the process and solution, and excel at project ownership.

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Rethink your office as a healthy meeting and work oasis. Powerplant designs the most healthy and sustainable workplaces, using circular design, WELL standards and energizing hospitality.


Activate a social community and create a sustainable hotspot. Powerplant is a creative hospitality programmer and spatial designer for public spaces.